Press Release

Survey Valentine's Day - 2015

February 1 2015

(All questions mandatory, except the last one)
Q1- With whom will you celebrate this Valentine&rsquos Day?

  1. A special someone- boyfriend/girlfriend
  2. Mother
  3. Father
  4. Siblings
  5. Friends
  6. Just Myself
  7. Other ________________________________
  8. I do NOT believe in Valentine&rsquos Day

(For those who choose 1-5, or 7- skip to Q2a, for those who choose 6- myself- skip to 2b, for those who choose 8- not believe- skip to Q4)

Q2a- How do you plan to celebrate the day with your <pick answer from Q2>?

  1. Gift rose & chocolates
  2. Gift something more extravagant/expensive
  3. Just spend some quality time with my Valentine
  4. Plan a lunch/dinner somewhere outside with my Valentine
  5. Go for a movie with my Valentine
  6. Other ________________________________

Q2b- How do you plan to celebrate the day with yourself?

  1. Relax and enjoy the day at home
  2. Spend the day outside of home- movie, malls anything
  3. Book a Spa Session for myself
  4. Take a resolution eg. Start a health regime
  5. Gift myself something I have been wanting, like  _______________
  6. Take up my old hobby which is ________________
  7. Take up a new hobby like __________________
  8. Other _______________________________

Q3-Given a choice, would you want to plan your marriage date on the 14th of February?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Q4- Please share with us your views on Valentine&rsquos Day